What to do in Charleston - Dirty Birds Concert Guide to the City

· By Whitney Hunt

What to do in Charleston - Dirty Birds Concert Guide to the City

Welcome to the Charleston Dirty Birds Concert Guide, your comprehensive handbook for upcoming musical events in Charleston, WV, and the surrounding regions. Whether you're a die-hard concertgoer or new to the scene, this guide is designed to enhance your musical journey, featuring a mix of iconic bands and up-and-coming artists across various genres. Let's dive into the heart of Charleston's vibrant music scene with a closer look at our chosen venues and the stellar lineup of artists set to perform.

Venues Spotlight

Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center

This premier venue, established in 1959 and recently renovated, boasts a seating capacity of over 13,000. It's a historical beacon in the city’s cultural life, hosting everything from major rock concerts to intimate jazz nights. Notably, it has seen performances from legendary acts like The Beatles and Elton John.

Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences

An architectural marvel since 2003, the Clay Center offers a more intimate setting with approximately 1,800 seats, perfect for experiencing superb acoustics and close-up performances. It's a hub for diverse acts, ranging from classical music to modern pop and rock.

GoMart Ballpark

While primarily a sports stadium, this venue transforms into a concert arena for summer music festivals and special events, providing a unique open-air atmosphere for up to 6,000 fans.

Artist Highlights

MercyMe Tickets

This contemporary Christian band has touched hearts worldwide since their debut in 1994. Known for the double platinum single "I Can Only Imagine," they've sold over 9 million albums and won numerous Dove Awards.

Lainey Wilson Tickets

Emerging as a powerhouse in country music, Lainey’s gritty vocals and authentic storytelling have earned her hits like "Things a Man Oughta Know," showcasing her talent at blending traditional and modern country sounds.

Brantley Gilbert Tickets

With his distinctive voice and defiant outlaw style, Gilbert has rocked the country music scene with anthems like "Bottoms Up" and "The Weekend." His albums reflect his journey, marked by a blend of rock-infused country and introspective ballads.

Koe Wetzel Tickets

A rebel in the country music scene, Wetzel’s fusion of rock and country with raw lyrics has garnered a dedicated following. His energetic performances and unfiltered songs speak to a generation looking for authenticity.

Bonnie Raitt Tickets

A legend in blues and rock, Raitt’s career spans over five decades, highlighted by hits like "Something to Talk About" and her renowned guitar skills. Her influence in music and her activism are profound, earning her 10 Grammy Awards.

Heart Tickets

Known for powerful hits like "Barracuda" and "Crazy on You," Heart has dominated rock music since the 1970s with their melodic hooks and the distinct vocals of Ann Wilson.

Cheap Trick Tickets

With a career spanning over 40 years, Cheap Trick is celebrated for their blend of pop, punk, and metal. Hits like "I Want You to Want Me" have cemented their place in rock history.

The Verve Pipe Tickets

Famous for the 1996 single "The Freshmen," The Verve Pipe's music encompasses a blend of rock and post-grunge with deep, introspective lyrics.

Megadeth Tickets

Thrash metal icons led by Dave Mustaine, known for their technical precision and explosive performances. With classics like "Symphony of Destruction," they’ve shaped the genre and influenced countless other bands.

Foreigner Tickets

With timeless anthems like "I Want to Know What Love Is," Foreigner has rocked the charts since the late 1970s, blending rock with orchestral flourishes to create unforgettable music.

Black Stone Cherry Tickets

This Kentucky band brings a modern twist to southern rock, known for energetic live shows and hits like "Lonely Train."

Music Festivals

Charleston Music Fest: Annually attracting thousands, this festival celebrates genres from rock to jazz and folk, providing a stage for both local talents and international stars.

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This guide is crafted not only to inform but also to enrich your concert-going experience in Charleston and beyond. With detailed profiles on each artist and a thorough overview of local venues, we aim to ensure that your musical outings are as fulfilling as they are fun. So grab your tickets, and let’s make some memories with incredible music and great company!